Nanny McPhee

Our nanny started yesterday. Sweet girl, 19 years old, pretty, tall, face full of piercings... Actually she just has three. She really is very lovely. My kids seem to like her. I measure her effectiveness by the pouty face my daughter gave me when I walked in the door yesterday. Apparently she didn't get her way. Therefore, Nanny can stay. :)

We went to karaoke tonight for just a couple of hours. It was exhilarating because I got to sing three times and the host was impressed with my vocal abilities. He raved. I was a little embarrassed, which never happens to me. I hope to go back often. My kids were awesome for Nanny. Sonny boy only pitched a small fit. We came home early for a variety of reasons and all was well.

I know I'm a stay at home mom and I'm supposed to be raising perfect kids with all my free time, but honestly I don't have any free time. I'm working so many hours that I barely have time to sleep. Having an extra person in the house to keep things manageable is the only way this can work. There's only one of me. Nanny helps me duplicate myself. I'm happy with this decision all around. I look forward to the coming weeks when my kids will know her and respect her fully.


Busy bear

So this is fun. I decided to try blogging from my iPhone app. I have been so dang busy the last few weeks that it hasn't even occurred to me to blog. I've barely had time for Facebook (gasp!). Busy is a good thing when you are billing by the hour. I only hope the momentum continues, considering I'm about to hire a nanny. I've been interviewing applicants all week. The first one I met was almost perfect. Unfortunately she came packaged with a four-year-old son. Another applicant had a daughter, 8 months. Both of these women offered excellent skills, references and experience. I just don't feel I have enough space for an extra kid. Plus they would need to pick up my daughter with my son and their kid in the car. Too much.

There were some other seemingly qualified candidates who didn't really click with me, personality-wise. My final interview ended up being my favorite. She has a great personality, plenty of experience yet young, and I really feel my kids will respond well to her. That's really the crucial element. If they don't like her it's all for nothing. I'm going to be extremely busy, so everyone needs to be comfortable with the situation. I need to know that my people are being well cared for and happy while I'm working in another room.

Even though it's been especially busy, we all enjoyed each other as a family this weekend. We went shopping Saturday followed by date night. Sunday we went to a birthday party which ended up being a lot more fun than anticipated. It was freezing and completely the wrong time of year for an outdoor party, but my daughter had a blast and I certainly enjoyed the food. Tomorrow starts a new week and a host of new routines for our family. Having a nanny on all the days hubs is at work should be a huge help. I'm excited and tired at the same time. Better get some sleep...Monday morning is the hardest!

And that concludes my first mobile blog post. Just press the easy button and voila!


mother's helper

Well it's been a solid three weeks since I last blogged.  That is because my consulting project has been steadily gaining momentum.  The next few weeks will prove somewhat crazy - still unsure if we will be traveling to Florida or not - and then it should even out a little.  Christmas break was a bit challenging because I had both kids home for 19 days (according to my daughter; I never actually counted them.)  She is back at school and the house is quiet...for the moment.

The tricky part about being a WAHM is making sure everything gets accomplished when it needs to.  Some work can be completed in the wee hours (which is typically my sweet spot), but conference calls happen during the day.  For the last few weeks I have had several calls each day, and it is quite the challenge keeping little voices, shall I say, LITTLE, while I'm on these calls.  It is difficult to supervise the activities of a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old if you are locked in a bedroom closet somewhere trying to keep your conferencees from hearing the squealing, chattering, and what have you.

This brings me to the point of this post.  I am considering hiring a mother's helper.   I'm not sure what this looks like for our family, but I imagine someone in middle or high school who can keep an eye on the kids while I work in another room.  I don't know what to pay for this.  It's not the same as babysitting, since I will be there.  The only problem with with hiring a teen is they have school, and I would probably need a helper during school hours as well as after school.  Someone to help keep the house tidy and maybe get dinner started...that would be a dream.  It's like I need an extra me.  I bet all moms feel that way, regardless of their work status.  There's so much to do and only so many hours in a day.

Initially I will reach out to people I know.  If I don't find anyone via that avenue I will probably use a sitter service.  One that has been recommended to me is Seeking Sitters.  I have researched this a little, and I do like their business model.  While the prices are a little steep, there is peace of mind knowing that I would not have to scramble for a babysitter - there will always be someone available.  You can also set up a recurring event and request the same sitter every time.  This is great if you find one that you really like.

I welcome any suggestions you might have...what works for you, what doesn't, etc. :)