I have to pee. My phone is dying and I can't reach my charger. My obstacle? Sleeping baby on my lap. Sure I could move him and do what I need to do. But that would open up a huge can of worms. He would either be cranky and want to suckle on something, or he would be well-rested and insist on scavenging the house for hidden baby treasures.

Having a mobile baby presents a host of challenges. It is virtually impossible to contain him in any one room or area. We've managed to create a series of barricades to keep him in the living room, but he is extremely dissatisfied with this situation. He will stand at the doorway to the kitchen and cry. Or he will whimper, his little paws in the air. Trust me, the whimpering is far more unbearable.

Well my now 5-year-old daughter just wandered in to show me her latest drawing, so I enlisted her help. She successfully managed to hand me the charger while waking the baby. My prediction was correct; he's now suckling. I still have to pee.

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